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Welcome to -Auto Art-, Edited Pics by Joe Sherbanenko

All pics that were edited here were done only with Corel Photo Paint 5.0 (very old), so give me some credit.
If you are using a 28.8k modem, these pages take a long time to load. Since you don't want to miss out on any of these pics, I advise you to go have a Coke or something while you wait.

If anybody wants to try and edit some of my cars, email me. I really want to see what people do with them. Have fun, go nuts. If you want a view of one of my cars that I don't have posted, I'll try and get you one. WANTED- If someone is really good at editing, can you make my Delta black? If you can, I'll send you the view I want you to do it on.


All pictures are copyrighted by Joe Sherbanenko 1998. Nobody may redistrubute them without permission from me.

To start browsing, click on the galleries on your right, and make sure you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, and have your colors at 32 bit, and your screen resolution at 800X600 or better.