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A picture of "The Broham" on one of the last beautiful days of summer. This picture shows my decals- notice the Oldsmobile sticker in the rear window, and the Broham decals on the decklid, cool huh?

Current status is- DEAD

This car needs a new engine, tranny, and a new rear end, not to mention some suspension work needed. The car's future is undetermined.

-Engine- 307cid (5.0L) Olds V8

-Transmission- TH200C

-15X7 Steel wheels with 3 hubcaps (gotta do somethin' about that)

- Tires- Cooper All Weather (215/70R15)

-Red cloth interior

-crappy Panasonic tape deck with factory speakers and

-Radio Shack 40W Power Booster that powers the 8" stereo speaker (not jsut the woofer, has a mid, and a tweeter, had to move the spare to get it in!)(looks so bad, gotta get a picture!)

-Currently is in storage in my garage.

See what happens when I get pissed off? 100% Broham tire...

My chrome painted air cleaner (custom by me)

Where the Broham currently resides.

Future plans for this car include-

350 or 403,
3.73 Limited slip rear end,
Complex, almost competition stereo,
If I can find them, 15X7 SSIII's,
Rallye Gauges,
Power seats,
Paint job.

Best Viewed with millions of colors and at 800x600 resolution.

Copyright 1998 Joe Sherbanenko