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What's New? 12/13/98- Some facelifts help out the site, and a new, awesome counter, custom by me!

Oldsmobiles Rock!
Oldsmobiles Rock!Oldsmobiles Rock!Oldsmobiles Rock!
Oldsmobile Rocks!
Look at my odometer to see my hits!

Welcome to my homepage, thanks for stopping by. My name's Joe Sherbanenko, and I live in Burnsville, MN, the land of road salt and rust.

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Click above to enter the site, and to see my main pride, "The Broham". It got that name after I saw the horrible movie, "The Great White Hype". Everyone in that movie called Cadillac Broughams "Brohams". My Delta's a Royale Brougham, hence the name. Future plans for this car are uncertain, but hopefully they involve either a 307 rebuild, or maybe a HO 307 or 350.

Any comments, questions, praise, or ideas for the site, please email me at

or reach me on ICQ- my ICQ # is

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