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I don't know much about this car, but I'd like to make this a cool informative page, so all of you people who know stuff about this amazing car, send it to me so I can post it here. Below is my limited knowledge of it.

The FE3X, nicknamed the "Darth Vader Car", can be seen at the R.E.Olds Museum in Lansing, MI. This is no ordinary 1985 Cutlass- see info below. If anyone has any info on this car, send it to me so I can make this page more informative.

Due to my horrible camera, this is the only other good picture I have.

2.Hp...200 at 4000rpm
3.Tq...250 ft/lbs at 2600rpm
4.Induction...Q-jet,86 intake,swirl port heads
5.Exhaust...anti-reversion tubular exhuast manifolds
6.Brakes...four wheel discs
7.Wheels...16x8 cast alloy(Gotti, can be purchased through RONAL)
8.Tires...255/50VR-16 Eagles by Goodyear
9.Seats..Recaro C series
10.Gauges...140mph speedo,7000rpm tach,oil,fuel,coolant,accelerometer
11.Functional ground effects,Flush emblems,monochromatic paint,window tint,brake cooling ducts(in side skirts),functional cowl induction hood scoop
12.Trunk mounted battery
13.Borg-Warner T-5 trans
14.The rear disc brakes were adapted from the F-body
15.Other items include...4 point safety harness for driver and front passenger,adjustable rear spoiler,chrome 4 point roll bar
16."Vader" pulls 1.0g on the skidpad, this is one wicked,serious Cutlass(needs more ponies/grunt though)

Information courtesy of has a theory that the headlights on the FE3X are from a Regal. More info later.