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FINALLY! I have more than one picture of Ol' Blue up!

Some sounds of Ol' Blue roasting the tires.
(No, I'm not kidding, I have video to all these sounds, and as soon as I can get that up, you'll be amazed!)

| ob_peelout.wav (103k) | ob_tight_turn.wav (217k) | ob_powerslide.wav (120k) |

No, I'm not kidding about the powerslide. And no, I didn't use the ebrake to get it to slide, just a REALLY tight turn. :)

The Goods-
1990 Buick LeSabre Custom
3.8L (231) V6
Overdrive tranny
14" Alloy Wheels
Power Driver's seat
Concert Sound II Stereo w/Auto Reverse
Sport Luggage Rack
Power Windows
Power Locks
Climate Control
Power Trunk Release
A lot more...